October 21, 2008

Becoming a Traditional Thail Beauty in One Hour or less

I've always liked to play dress up. I danced as a kid and loved wearing the hula costumes that swished, the calypso outfit with all the ruffles, the flowing modern dance out. In an earlier life, I dressed up and participated in mountain man re enactments. I wore a traditional Shoshone Indian outfit, had a lean to I lived in, hair types with fox, hand beaded shoes with gorgeous red poppies on them and I could outshoot most guys with my black powder gun.

Now you might wonder that this has to do with Thailand. Not much except to say that I always like to dress up and try different things. So when the opportunity presented itself to have my picture taken wearing traditional Thai clothing, I thought it would a great fun memory photo to hang on my wall with my mountain woman picture, my dog show picture and other quirky things.

So We began with my hair. I have short brown-red hair which does not lend itself for exotic styling. My Thai boy-woman was extremely beautiful,long silky hair, long legs, pretty face, just a bit throaty voice. Hilariously funny. S/he first applied basic make up to focus on my eyes. We even attached false eyelashes. Then I got voluptuous read lips. Kissable I think. My hair which is cut short and symmetrical was pulled back. one bun and then another wiglet that matched the color nearly perfectly was filed on top. not one but two wiglets. It reminded te wiglet I wore in 1966 for the yearbook picture. Fortunately, this one was on straight. the 1966 wiglet was crooked and m hair was wilted.

Next we chose a color them. I said I wanted to be a red hot mama so red it was. We wrapped the silk material two or three times around. Tighter, tighter. Maybe a corset would have been better. Now I now why some Asian women have smaller breasts.They are wrapped to tight to grow. NextPost Options it was the skirt which was also wrapped and then pleated in front Indian fashion, I got shiney cold bejewled belt to wear, Three big fake rings adorned my hands and gold bracelets were on my arms,

Now the real challenge. They expected yours truly to walk in gold high heals. And to climb acorss a door war in a flowing skirt. Hah that one was alaught. I looked about as graceful as cowgirl with her foot stuck in a milk bucket. They too 15 poises. I had negotiated the price to 2000 baht or about ($60) and a CD of all the pictures. Hmm I bet I can talk my friend into a little photoshop fix to enhance my natural beauty.

Well, don't tell my students. I allowed them up negotiate me to four big 8 X 10 photos and 4 small ones I redressed and we picked the photographs agreeing on what I wanted right then and there. We agreed on cropping and of course a little botox for the side of my eyes. I wanted to be almost as pretty as the king of Thailand. The grace to walk in the shoes she walks in -- well that's isn't going to happen.

Of yes, I felt like what was her name May West stuffed in an outfit when I was asked to recline on a bench with my lacks outstretched. Luckily I got to hold a fan to hid what needed to be hidden. And I got to be a serious warrier in one shot. Don't mess with me and this sward.

The name of the place --and they do singles, couples, families and even normal pictures -- is Studio Thai Style on the third floor of MBK. Their only failure, is I still don't look like I am 30 years young.

My worse part is that they take the pictures out in front of their studio so all passer-bys can see how you look, watch the strategy and I assume want to do do the same thing. I had two elder gentlemen (cute handsome) walk by and then come back for a second look. They both gave me a thumbs up sign. I certainly hope it means the same thing in Thailand that it means in the U.S. I baited my fake eyelashes and flushed slightly with my Thai feather fan. I proper Thai girl would never talk to a Thai man first. A property introduction is even better.

Okay let's see if I can add some pictures. Well since I can't figure out how to add them I will have to forgot this. If anyone knows how to add the pictures, let me know. Insert isn't working.

So here of the grand results. We're taking votes on your favorites. I'm not sure how to do that but I guess put a comment by the picture

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